Why Truth Trackers is the best children's program to use during COVID-19.

Why Truth Trackers is the best children's program to use during COVID-19.

"What are we going to do for children's ministry this fall? How are we going to be able to have a children's memory program? How can we do a program if we are uncertain if we are even having church?"

These are questions children's workers and pastors are asking across the country. We believe Truth Trackers could be the answer for your church during COVID-19 (and beyond).

Here are a few reasons why Truth Trackers works well, even during an epidemic. 

1. Children can keep doing Scripture meditation and memory from home.

Truth Trackers uses the Truth Trackers App or the paperback Truth Journal to help the children meditate on their verses. Because children can keep working on their Scripture meditation at home, the Scripture meditation and memorization doesn't need to stop. 

2. Parents or another adult can sign the child's journal or app at the end of the week.

Truth Trackers gives the option for parents or another adult to sign a child's journal/app; therefore, the kids can keep working - even if you have to cancel club because of an outbreak. There is no need for the children to depend on the leaders to keep the kids moving through their Scripture meditation and memory. 

3. Children can connect with their Truth Trackers group on Zoom or YouTube.

Since all the children are working on the same truths and verses at the same time, you can teach all of them on Zoom. Even a 15-20 minute weekly connect, can be a great way to teach the children the doctrinal truth and remind them to keep working on their Scripture meditation and memory. 


 4. The church can do a drive-through store.

If your children's group is not able to meet, the children can still earn points from home and use them in a drive-through store. The Truth Trackers' incentive system gives points to children for reviewing their verse each day in the Truth App or the paperback Truth Journal and when they say the verse at the end of the week to an adult. Therefore, you can schedule every 4-5 weeks a drive-through store that takes place outside. The parent can drive up, give you their child's journal (or look at the leader's app) and allow the child to get out and shop (or they can shop from inside the car).  

5. The leaders can track the child's points automatically on the app. 

If your children are using the app, you can track each child's points without even needed to gather as a children's group.


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