Bible Meditation to Memorization

Truth Trackers disciples children with a God-centered view of life as they learn doctrinal truth through Bible Memory Bible Devotions, and Bible Lessons.

Bible Meditation: Truth Trackers provides a memory program to help children Meditate on God’s Word.

The qualities of Truth Trackers Bible Meditation:

  • Organized and systematic
  • Repetition and Kinesthetic learning
  • Qualitative Scripture Review
  • Integrated Across Ages so the whole family can memorize together
  • Catechism-Format that organizes the verses in a catechistic-format which means children are asked a life-question to which they respond with the corresponding verse-answer
  • Corresponds to the doctrinal topic their daily devotions and weekly lesson teach

Organized and Systematic

The Truth Trackers’ memory program consists of core verses that are organized into 18 doctrinal themes. Those doctrines are further divided into three years represented by colors:

  • Green Year (Salvation God Created The Bible Growing Spiritually The World The Future)
  • Red Year (My Struggles The Law Jesus Christ God’s Goodness Solving Problems Evil Forces)
  • Blue Year (God’s Nature God’s Greatness Christ’s Death Prayer Trials The Holy Spirit).

Integrated Across Ages

Truth Trackers has children from each age level learning the same doctrinal truths at the same time. This allows a family and church to have an organized, intentional approach to Scripture memory. Families and church members can use this memory program and meditate on the Word together.

Repetition and Kinesthetic Learning

Truth Trackers utilizes an approach to Scripture memory that is Biblical and effective. This memory program has children daily reviewing a verse throughout the week and learning the verse with a multidisciplinary approach. This approach includes children daily reading their verse, hearing their verse, writing the first letter to each word of their verse, and saying the verse out loud.

This approach is Biblical because Scripture memory should include daily meditation, not just a once-a-week recitation.

This approach is effective because we retain information better when we use our senses, our mind, and our body.

    Qualitative Scripture Review

    The Truth Trackers’ memory program requires a child to memorize only one verse a week. This small requirement is intentional. The goal is to increase the quality of Scripture memory, not just the quantity. However, the children review by repeating the previous week’s verse. The program is designed this way to facilitate long-term memory.


    Truth Trackers organizes the verses in a catechistic-format. This means that children are asked a life-question to which they respond with the corresponding verse-answer. In Truth Trackers, like catechism, the question asked presents the truth we desire the child to learn, but the difference between catechism and this program is the answer a child gives in Truth Trackers is actually given by quoting a verse. When you use this approach, you don’t just know what somebody else says the Bible teaches, you have memorized God’s own words about that subject. 

Also, children will no longer say, “May I have the first word?” With the responsive approach, the question is the stimulus for them to say the verse. A parent or leader says the question, and the child quotes from memory the answer he has memorized with that question.