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What is Truth Trackers?

Why does Truth Trackers Exist?

What makes Truth Trackers Helpful and Unique?

What is the history of Truth Trackers?


What is Truth Trackers?

Truth Trackers is a tax-exempt, non-for-profit ministry that provides educational tools to equip churches and parents to systematically and intentionally evangelize and disciple children.

Why does Truth Trackers exist?

Truth Trackers’ passion is to inspire and to aid churches and families in the discipleship of children.

We believe the first step of discipleship is evangelism; therefore, we equip churches and families to Biblically and strategically present the gospel to children. 

We also believe children can and need to be intentionally discipled to know God’s truth and to apply that truth by faith; therefore, we provide a curriculum to support families and churches in that task.

We say it this way: Truth Trackers uses Bible Memory, Bible Devotions, and Bible Lessons to help children LOCK-IN truth and LIVE-OUT faith.

What makes Truth Trackers helpful and unique?

Truth Trackers provides a Scripture memory program that contains the following well-designed qualities: 

  • Catechism-Format – Truth Trackers organizes the verses in a catechistic-format which means children are asked a life-question to which they respond with the corresponding verse-answer.
  • Scripture Memory – Truth Trackers focuses on qualitative Scripture memory through repetition, kinesthetic learning, and review, which aids in long-term retention.
  • Theologically Sound – Truth Trackers teaches basic doctrine through daily devotionals and weekly lessons.
  • Evangelistic – Truth Trackers strategically evangelizes visiting children through the Forgiven Booklet and special Friend Nights.
  • Apologetic – Truth Trackers helps children answer life-questions with Scripture.
  • Easy Transition – Truth Trackers is easy for a church to transition to from other kids programs that utilizes a 3 part division to the night (Scripture Memory, Lesson, and Games). Truth Trackers utilizes a similar structure with the addition of daily devotionals.
  • Integrated - Truth Trackers has children from different age levels learn the same doctrinal truths at the same time.

    What is the history of Truth Trackers?

    Truth Trackers was developed by pastors, ministry leaders and parents who saw a need to disciple their own children with a purpose-driven philosophy, using quality materials at an affordable price. The program is designed to strategically evangelize and systematically disciple children and families. Today, Truth Trackers is rapidly growing. Churches across America are joining Truth Trackers Clubs. We invite you to learn more about Truth Trackers and see how we can help your children "track down" the truth!