How Tiny Trackers Works


Tiny Trackers (Preschool)

The Truth Journals for Tiny Trackers teach preschoolers truth by having them learn a theme word for the week. The word is usually found in their verse. They review their verse throughout the week, and they learn more about that word through daily-preschool devotionals the children can do with the help of a parent.

A child in Tiny Trackers use the Truth Journals to daily review the verse for that week. A parent (or another adult) reviews the verse with the child throughout the week.

After the parent reviews the verse with the child, there is a short devotional the parent can use to reinforce the verse. At the end of the week, a parent (or another adult) signs the child’s Truth Journal.

At the Tiny Trackers club, children review the verse and learn the weekly word. The children learn the word’s definition, hear a Bible lesson, enjoy a puppet show, and color a paper.

Tiny Tracker children earn points as they daily review their verse and daily work through a short devotional. Those points can be used to buy items at club in the Tiny Trackers store.

Tiny Trackers’ Materials and Topics

Tiny Trackers have a total of three years of curriculum. The three years cover 18 doctrines. Those doctrines are further divided into three years represented by colors: Green Year, Red Year, and Blue Year.

Tiny Trackers follow the same doctrinal topics as the older groups but learn those truths in a different way. At the Tiny Trackers club, children review the verse and learn simple truths based upon a word that is related to their verse. At club, the children learn the word’s definition, hear a Bible lesson, enjoy a puppet show, and color a paper.


The Tiny Trackers’ and Truth Tracker’s verses, devotions, and lessons are divided into thirty weeks. As you look at a Truth Journal sample, you can see a numbered week on the verse pages. (Example: Week 10.) Near the number is the doctrine and the specific topic the club is studying that week. (Example: Week 10 - Doctrine: Jesus Christ - Topic: Jesus Christ is God.)

There are six doctrines the children cover in one year. Below you can see a chart which explains what doctrines the children will be learning each year. You will also notice the books are not numbered by grade but are color coded. That is because all grades go through the same material at the same time.

One year your club may be going through the Green Books, which covers the doctrines of Salvation, God Created, The Bible, Growing Spiritually, The World, and The Future. All the Tiny Trackers would have green Tiny Tracker Truth Journals, and the Truth Trackers would all have a green Scripture Spies or Faith Force Truth Journals.

Green Books

Red Books

Blue Books

1.  Salvation

 2.  God Created

 3.  The Bible

 4.  Growing Spiritually

 5.  The World

 6.  The Future

1. My Struggles

 2.  The Law

 3.  Jesus Christ

 4.  God’s Goodness

 5.  Solving Problems  

 6.  Evil Forces

1. God’s Nature

 2. God’s Greatness

 3. Christ’s Death

 4. Prayer 

 5. Trials 

 6. The Holy Spirit


Word for the Week 

The lessons for Tiny Trackers are based upon a word found in the verse or a word related to their verse. The Bible lesson, coloring page, puppet show, and craft teach the children the word.

The word for the week has a definition to help the children understand the meaning of the word. (Teachers, one fun way to teach the definition is to come up with actions that correspond to the words in the definition and that help the children remember and understand it.) 


To teach the Bible lesson, look up the Bible passage and study it. Then use the Bible lesson guide to help think through how you can teach and apply the lesson. The teachers should tell the story of the Bible passage while using the word of the week to help you teach and apply the Bible passage. There are two Bible visuals provided to help you teach the lesson. 

Coloring Paper

Children have the availability to color two papers. The coloring pages are copyrighted so please don’t post them online, but just use them for your club.

Puppet Show

The puppet shows are based up on a boy puppet and a girl puppet. Dog puppets are the most ideal characters to use, but human puppets could be used, too. We do not sell puppets.

Craft Ideas

The resource center provides craft ideas for Truth Trackers store members. Those can be downloaded and printed off free of charge. If you have better ideas for crafts, please pass those on to us so we can share those ideas with other clubs.

Truth Journal Stickers

When ordering the Truth Journals online, you can choose the version you want the children to memorize. You should receive those stickers with the books, or at a discounted rate, your club can choose to print your own stickers. Parents should go through their child’s journal and place the verse stickers in the space provided.

Daily Verse Review

A Tiny Tracker should review the verse daily with the assistance of a parent or another adult. After reviewing the verse, a child can color a paw on the verse page.   

Daily Devotional

Again, with the assistance of a parent or another adult, a child each day can complete a devotional. The devotion is NOT intended to be done by a child on his or her own but with an adult or another person. 

After completing a devotional, a child can color a bone on the verse page.

End of the Week

When the week is over, a parent or another adult should sign the verse page, add the total points the child earned for that week, and then write that total in the Tiny Trackers’ Bank at the front of the Truth Journal.



Tiny Trackers earn points as they daily review their verse, and they daily work through a short devotional. A child can earn a total of 10 points a week. A parent (or another adult) should sign the book to verify the child has earned his or her points. That parent or adult should total up the child’s points and write the weekly total on the verse page of that child’s book. 

Tiny Trackers Bank

A child should bring his or her book to club so his or her points can be recorded, and so the child can use his or her points in the Tiny Trackers store. 


A club should have a treasure chest or a table full of items “for sale.” They might be items from the dollar store, Oriental Trading, or donated things. Once a child uses his or her points to purchase an item, the “banker” should deduct those points from that child’s Tiny Trackers Bank account found in the front of the Truth Journal.


Medallions might be given out based upon club attendance or based upon the amount of points a child earns.

If your club decides the medallion is given based upon attendance, then your club needs to decide and announce the number of “grace weeks” you will allow.
If your club decides the medallion is given based upon points, then your club needs to decided and announce the minimum number of points a child needs to receive to earn the medallion. Each year, children have the potential to earn a maximum of 300 points per book. Therefore, most clubs choose 150 as the minimum points needed to earn the end of the year medallion.