What We Teach

Scope and Sequence

What we Believe and Teach

The children memorize verses, study devotions, and hear lessons covering six doctrines a year. From the doctrines and subtopics below, you can learn what we believe and get a general idea about what our materials teach. The subtopics have been written out it sentence form so pastors and leaders can gain a more thorough understanding of our beliefs.

Green Books

Blue Books

Red Books

Green Books (one year)


God made you to glorify and love Him.

You have not glorified and loved God but have sinned.

Your sin must be punished with eternal death.

Your good works cannot save you.

Only Christ's death can take away sin.

You can have forgiveness and eternal life if you repent and place your faith in Jesus' finished work.

God Created

God created the world: evolution is not true.

God created you in His image for a special purpose.

God reveals His attributes through His creation.

The Bible

God gave you the Bible so you can know Him and trust Him.

The Bible is God's powerful tool to change you.

The Bible is God's Word perfectly written by holy men of old.

God promises the Bible will last forever and will accomplish His work.

You need to study and memorize the Bible.

Growing Spiritually

God is working hard to grow you spiritually and you need to work hard too.

You obey God as He corrects you.

You memorize the Bible as He renews your mind.

You confess your sin and He forgives your sin.

You resist temptation as He provides an escape.


We are tempted by sinful desires, but God values holy desires.

The world is guided by their blind heart, but God wants you to be guided by His Word.

Following sinful desires brings sorrow, but following God brings joy.

The world wants you to think and live like them, but God wants you to think and live like Him.

The Future

Believers will go to be with Jesus.

Believers will have a joyful judgment for their work for Jesus.

Believers will enjoy eternal bliss with Jesus.

Unbelievers will be judged and separated from God forever in hell.

Blue Books (one year)

God's Nature

There is one God, and you should worship only Him.

God is three equal Persons.
All three Persons are working in your life in different ways for the same goal.

God is a Spirit and must be worshiped in spirit and in truth.

God's Greatness

God is all-knowing: He knows everything from past to future.
He never learns something new nor is shocked when something happens.

God is all-powerful: nothing is impossible for God to do if it is within His nature and His desire.

God is everywhere: He is everywhere at all places and at all times.

God cannot change: He cannot alter His character or His promises.

God is in charge of everything: He is directing history and your life to fulfill His purposes.

Christ's Death

Christ died on the cross because God is just and demands a payment for sin.

Christ died on the cross because God loves the world and desires to see people trust Him for eternal life.

Christ's death is the only way to pay for your sin, and His resurrection is the only way to give you life.


God desires to hear His children earnestly cry out to Him.

God hears and answers prayers for your good and His glory.

God wants you to pray to Him in faith according to His Word.

God wants His children to pray with a right heart.


You might go through the trial of need.

You might go through the trial fear.

You might go through the trial of persecution.
God has a purpose for allowing trials in your life.
He wants to glorify Himself; He wants you to trust Him; and He wants you to be more like Jesus.

You need to respond correctly to trials.

If you are a faithful sufferer, you will receive the crown of life.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is God: He is one of the three persons of the Trinity.

The Holy Spirit lives in believers, and believers are His temple.

The Holy Spirit is changing, controlling, and helping believers.

The Holy Spirit is convicting the unbelievers.

Red Books (one year)

My Struggles

You struggle with obeying authority.

You struggle with pleasing people and not God.

You struggle with what you say.

You struggle to invite godly friends into your life.

You struggle with having true joy.

The Law

God has a law for man to follow, but man has broken God's law.

The law convicts you of sin and shows you that you need Jesus Christ.

Obeying the law cannot give you eternal life, but Jesus can because He perfectly obeyed the law of God and died as the perfect Lamb.

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is God and is equal with the Father and the Holy Spirit.

Jesus was born a real man, but He still was/is God.

Jesus came to take away your sin.

Jesus died and rose from the grave.

Jesus intercede for you.
Jesus is coming back for believers.

God's Goodness

God is holy: God is perfect, amazing, and completely different and separate from everything and anything else.

God is good: He always does what is best.
God is righteous: He always does right and He requires people to live up to His standards.

God is faithful: He God's words are true, and He will always do what He promises.

God is love: He has deep passion and concern for you and wants the best for you.

Solving Problems

You should not be surprised when people sin because the world is full of sinners.
You should love all men, even those who try to be your enemy.

You need to solve your problems without sinful anger.

You must purpose to help other believers in their walk with God and allow other believers to help you.

When you sin, you must deal with your sin properly. First, you must find the person you sinned against, admit to them you sinned, and ask them to forgive you. Then you need to confess your sin to God and receive the forgiveness and cleansing he promises you.

Evil Forces

Satan is the leader of evil.

Evil’s strategy is to blind unbelievers and to destroy believers.

Christ has won the war with evil on the cross, but the Evil One will still battle you everyday.

One day, evil will be completely destroyed by Christ.