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Why a Truth Trackers App?

  • Children are able to easily access our Truth Journals, and therefore, are able to learn doctrine and to meditate/memorize on Scripture in creative, kinesthetic ways. 
  • Churches can use the app to keep a record of the Truth Journal points for children who have a book or who use the app. 
  • Many people around the world (example: missionaries) cannot access or maintain hardcopy books so digital materials are a huge blessing!
  • We can easily and inexpensively translate and use our materials anywhere and in any language. 

What does it include?

  • Daily Doctrinal Devotions
  • Kinesthetic Scripture Meditation through three daily, interactive ways
  • Points for Doing Devotions, Scripture Meditation, & Scripture Recitation
  • End of the week Scripture Recitation
  • Automatically Tracks Points
  • Same Content & Point System as the Book Journals (Clubs can offer both!)
  • Create Homeschool or Church Groups
  • Homeschool groups or churches can create groups to track the points of children using the app and to even type in the points of children using hardcopies
  • Only $10 for the year and the books are transferable to younger siblings at no extra cost!
  • It's fun, interactive, and enjoyable!!

This App is a great tool to help a child meditate & memorize Scripture!

  • Verses are in Catechism-Format
  • A Fun Way to Memorize Verses
  • Earn Points as You Review 
  • Multidisciplinary Approach Daily Reviews with Three Tasks:
    • Tap Task -Tap the screen as you recite each word of the verse and the words will appear.
    • Reorder Task - Drag the words from the word bank into the correct space.
    • Type Task - Type the first letter of the missing words to fill in the verse.

How a child uses the app:

Watch the following video to see how a child can benefit from the Truth Trackers app. 


How a parent uses the app:

Watch the following video to see how a parent can set up the Truth Trackers app. 



How a group or church can use the app:

Watch the following video to see how a group (home school or church) can benefit from the Truth Trackers app.