Lock-In / Live-Out

The Goals of our Truth Journals and Lessons 

  • To help children LOCK-IN God’s truth with organized, kinesthetic, responsive Bible memory.
  • To teach children to LIVE-OUT God’s truth through practical daily devotions and weekly Bible lessons that are creative, Biblically illuminating, and easy to understand.
  • To make it easy for families to lock-in and live-out the doctrinal truths by having children go through the same verses, devotions, and lesson topic at the same time.

Lock-in Truth with Scripture Memory

Children have life questions. They need to know more than just the right answers, they need to memorize the Bible verses that give those answers. Truth Trackers provides a Scripture memory program that gives verse-answers to life's questions. Children are asked a life question (ie.-Is Jesus Christ God?), and they respond with a verse-answer (John 1:1 "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God."). Our goal is not only to teach the doctrinal truth but also to lock-in that truth through meditation that leads to memorization. So, when they face that life-question, they will not only know the truth (what they believe), they will have locked-in the Bible verse that teaches that truth (why they believe).

The Biblical approach to Scripture memory and the most power way to memorize verses is to meditate on God's Word. Therefore, every week, children review their catechism-questions and Bible verse-answer as through repetition and kinesthetic review. 

Lived-out Truth with Devotions

Each week, as the children are locking-in doctrinal truth with Scripture meditation to memorization, they are also learning to live-out doctrinal truth with daily devotions that correspond to the topic of the memory verse. The devotions help the children understand the doctrine they are learning about, and just as important, teach the children how they can apply that doctrine to their every day life.

Lived-out Truth with Lessons

Throughout the week, the children meditate on their verse and work through their devotions; and then at the end of the week, they can hear a lesson that thoroughly teaches and applies the topic. The lesson wraps up a great week of meditation to memorization of the doctrinal verse and studying the doctrinal topic. The lessons help the children live-out the doctrinal topic by presenting creative ways for leaders to teach children the doctrinal topic and explaining practical ways the children can apply that doctrine to their life. You see, we passionately believe children should have truth locked-in their hearts and know how that truth can be live-out in their every day lives.

An Example

John is going through the doctrine God's Greatness. This week the doctrinal topic is: "God is all-powerful." John is locking-in the truth that God is all-powerful by daily meditating on and reviewing his question and verse. Every day, as John is locking-in his verse, he is learning to live-out that truth with daily devotions. One morning John reads his devotion called "God can do anything He wants." In this devotion, John learns how strong God is and how a little boy like him can trust God do to impossible things.

At the end of the week, John says his life-question and verse to an adult. The adult asks John the life-question, "Can God do the impossible?" John recites the verse-answer he has locked-in, "Matthew 19:26, ‘But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.’”

Then John adds up the points he earned from reviewing his verse and doing his devotions. John records those points in his Truth Trackers Bank at the front of his book.

John goes to Truth Trackers and learn a lesson that teaches that God is all-powerful, and it ends with the teacher explaining the story of the rich young ruler. "Boys and girls," the teacher concludes, "after the disciples realized the young man could not get himself to heaven, they wondered who could do the impossible task of getting to heaven. Jesus told them only God can do that impossible task." The teacher then applies this doctrinal topic to their life. "Children, think of someone who needs to be saved. That person cannot save himself, but can God do the impossible? Matthew 19:26 says, ‘But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.'"