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Let's be honest...if you've worked in a children's program at church, you've seen children say their "memory" verse like Barney did to Andy. But it doesn't need to be that way. 

One of the major flaws in children's ministry has been the idea that a child can look over a verse in a matter of minutes, repeat it to an adult, and call that Scripture memory. But did that child truly memorize that verse in that short amount of time? Even if he did, has he even thought about how that verse applies to his life?


So what is the best approach for Scripture memory? In Joshua 1:7-8, the Lord instructs that God's Word should be memorized, in fact, memorized so well that the Word of God will not "depart out of your mouth" (Joshua 1:8). In other words, if you have God's Word memorized, then you will be able to speak the Word into any situation of life.  

So how does one get to the place where those words are truly memorized? The answer is meditation. Joshua 1:8 instructs us to memorize ("shall not depart out of your mouth")  through mediation ("meditate therein day and night.") 

A summary of Joshua 1:8 could be written like this: "Make sure you know the Law so well that is could be spoken at any time, and to know the Law that well, you need to think about the Law all the time. Meditation to memorization will equip you to obey God's Word."

So what should Scripture memory look like for children? Truth Trackers put together a Scripture memory program to enable children to meditate on God's Word in a fun, interactive, rewarding way. 

Check out the video below to see how our Truth Journals help children meditate to memorize.  

Truth Trackers Truth Journals from Ben Ice on Vimeo.

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