How Truth Trackers Works

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Scripture Spies/Faith Force (Elementary)

The Truth Trackers program includes two theme groups: Scripture Spies and Faith Force.

The Truth Journals for Scripture Spies and Faith Force teach elementary age children by having them learn through verse meditation and daily devotions. Children daily meditate on their verses with multidisciplinary verse review and daily complete simple devotionals.

A child in Truth Trackers uses the Truth Journals to daily review the week’s verse and to daily complete their devotions. A child using the Truth Journal review his or her verse daily in three different ways: by tapping the words of the verse as they read it out loud, by hearing their verse read by another person, and by writing the first letter to each word of their verse. At the end of the week, a parent (or another adult) listens to the child recite the verse, helps the child add up the week’s points, and signs that week’s points page.

At the Truth Trackers club, children listen to a lesson that teaches the doctrinal topic for the week. The children can use the points they earn to purchase items from the Truth Trackers club store.


The Tiny Trackers’ and Truth Tracker’s verses, devotions, and lessons are divided into thirty weeks. As you look at a Truth Journal sample, you can see a numbered week on the verse pages. (Example: Week 10.) Near the number is the doctrine and the specific topic the club is studying that week. (Example: Week 10 - Doctrine: Jesus Christ - Topic: Jesus Christ is God.)

There are six doctrines the children cover in one year. Below you can see a chart which explains what doctrines the children will be learning each year. You will also notice the books are not numbered by grade but are color coded. That is because all grades go through the same material at the same time.

One year your club may be going through the Green Books, which covers the doctrines of Salvation, God Created, The Bible, Growing Spiritually, The World, and The Future. All the Tiny Trackers would have green Tiny Tracker Truth Journals, and the Truth Trackers would all have a green Scripture Spies or Faith Force Truth Journals.

Green Books

Red Books

Blue Books

1.  Salvation

 2.  God Created

 3.  The Bible

 4.  Growing Spiritually

 5.  The World

 6.  The Future

1. My Struggles

 2.  The Law

 3.  Jesus Christ

 4.  God’s Goodness

 5.  Solving Problems  

 6.  Evil Forces

1. God’s Nature

 2. God’s Greatness

 3. Christ’s Death

 4. Prayer 

 5. Trials 

 6. The Holy Spirit


Topics and Doctrines Covered

Truth Trackers is made up of two theme groups: Scripture Spies and Faith Force. Scripture Spies has a total of 3 years of curriculum and the Faith Force has a total of 3 years of curriculum, too. The three years cover 18 doctrines. Those doctrines are further divided into three years represented by colors: Green Year, Red Year, and Blue Year.

Each color year is further divided into 6 doctrines. Those doctrines are taught and reinforced through Bible memory, Bible devotions, and Bible lessons.

A Child’s Truth Journal

Children purchase a Truth Journal to be used for the entire year. Truth Journals are designed to help children "lock in" truth every day as they memorize Scripture and build their faith through daily devotionals. All 30 weeks of memory verses and 210 daily devotions are in a yearly Truth Journal for Scripture Spies and Faith Force.

The Club Lessons and Discussion Guides

The materials the club uses can be purchased and downloaded online at the Truth Trackers store under the membership page. Clubs can purchase and download weekly lessons that teach the doctrinal topics, powerpoint presentations that go with the weekly lesson, and small group discussion guides.

The Truth Journals Stickers

When ordering the Truth Journals online, you can choose the version you want the children to memorize. You will receive those stickers with the books. Or at a discounted rate, your club can choose to print your own stickers.

Parents should go through their child’s journal and place the verse stickers in the space provided.

Daily Verse Review

A child in Truth Trackers uses the Truth Journals to daily review the week’s verse and then to recite their verse at the end of the week.

Truth Journals are wonderful tools to help parents put the Word of God into the hearts of children.

Truth Journals work best when one understands the philosophy on which the books are based. Truth Trackers’ approach to “locking-in” truth is to have children daily review their verses through a multidisciplinary approach with a focus on qualitative Bible memory. To better understand our approach, goals, and philosophy please read the The Distinctives of the Truth Trackers Memory Program. 

To encourage daily verse review and meditation, children use their Truth Journals each day to review the week’s verse in three different ways.

  1. Tap - Review the verse by tapping on each word as the child reads the question, verse, and reference out loud. After the child completes this, he or she can mark the points page indicating that the task was completed.
  2. Tell - Review the verse by reading the question, verse, and reference to another person. Each day a child will read their question, verse, and reference out loud to an adult or another child. After the child completes this, he or she can mark the points page indicating that the task was completed.
  3. Write – Review the verse by writing the first letter to each word of the verse and reference on a separate piece of paper. After the child completes this, he or she can mark the points page indicating that the task was completed.

End of the Week Verse Recitation

Clubs have two options for the children to recite their verse. The books are design so your club can do either one.

Option #1: Recite the Verse at Home - At the end of the week, a parent (or another adult) listens to the child recite the week’s verse and the last completed week, helps the child add up the week’s points, and signs that week’s points page.

Option #2: Recite the Verse at Club - At the end of the week, the child brings his books to club and recites the week’s verse and the last completed week to a verse listener. Then the leader helps the child add up the week’s points and signs that week’s points page. 

Daily Devotional

A child in Truth Trackers uses the Truth Journals to daily review the week’s verse and to daily complete their devotions.

After a child completes each day, he or she can mark the points page indicating that day was completed. Younger children will need the assistance of a parent or an older person to complete the daily devotionals.



Question: What if a child misses a week of Truth Trackers?

Answer: The program is designed so that all the children learn the same verses at the same time, so children should all stay on the same week, no matter if they need to “catch up” or if they missed a week. However, since the awards are based upon points, the children, who come into the program late or miss a week, can just jump in with the rest of the club and start/continue earning points with that week’s verse and devotions.

Question: What about making up a week?

Answer: Your club will need to decide on your guidelines, but generally, a child should NOT be able to make up more than 1 week, per week.

Question: What if a child doesn’t say his/her section for the night?

Answer: Your club should encourage the children to work hard each week to review and recite their weekly verse. However, if a child does not recite the week’s verse he or she can still receive points for daily reviewing their verse. Encourage them to keep reviewing and to try to recite the verse next week.

Question: What if a child begins attending in the middle of the year?

Answer: The child will start in the middle of the book, starting on the week corresponding to the week everyone else is doing. Depending on how far along in the year it is, the child can go back and make up previous weeks (with a limit of one per week). But your club should encourage the child to work hard on the doctrine the whole club is currently on. Since the awards are points based, it is not necessary to “make up” past weeks. If they jump right in, they can keep earning the same weekly points as the rest of the children. 

Question: How can a child recite the LAST COMPLETED WEEK if he has not said any previous weeks or has not said any verses for a couple of weeks?

Answer: You’re right, they can’t. The child is only required to say the previous week he has ALREADY said. If the child only comes to Truth Trackers for the fourth time within a couple of months, then he will only say the last week he completed 4 weeks ago, even if those weeks are in a different doctrine.

Question: Why can’t the children recite as many verses as they want?

Answer: The memory program for Truth Trackers is meant to be different. We focus on qualitative learning, rather than quantitative. Most children who can spit out 4 or 5 new verses a week are not really retaining them anyway. The Truth Trackers goal is qualitative, long-term memorization. Also, this is meant to be a family memory program. It helps families memorize together when everyone is working on the same doctrines and verses.

Question: Do the children learn the verse during lesson time?
Answer: No, the verses are not learned in lesson time. The children review their verse during the week and recite the verse before club. The doctrine, the verses teach, are reinforced in lesson time. The week's verse and devotions correspond with the lesson's topic. In other words, the lesson wraps up their week of learning about a particular topic they learned in their Truth Journals.

Question: I feel bad for a child who comes on the Truth Trackers night and they didn’t do any review or reciting of their verse that week.  Can't I just help that child learn and recite their verse right then?

Answer: A child who spits out a verse they glanced at in two minutes will not retain that verse for two hours, let alone for the long-term. You are not helping that child by assisting them to “get by” for the week.  You want to teach children spiritual disciplines.  Spiritual growth takes God’s grace and hard work.  Scripture meditation and memory takes hard work.  If you really want to help this child, talk to that child's parent and encouraged that parent to help the child with the Truth Journal.

Question: I have a child whose parents don’t care. What do I do?

Answer: Sometimes children come to your club and their parents don’t help their children memorize because they are either not Christians or are unable. Truth Trackers leader, ask the parents if they don’t mind you befriending their child (like spiritual adoption) and encouraging the child to review the verse throughout the week. With a parent’s permission, you can call or text a child to remind him or her to do the Truth Journal. If you have a number of children in this situation, ask other people in the church to get involved and “spiritually adopt” a child. Singles, elderly, and teens can easily be a part of this type of ministry. This is a great discipleship opportunity! 



Scripture Spies and Faith Force earn points as they daily review their verse and daily work through a devotional. A child can earn a total of 48 points a week.  At the end of the week, a parent (or another adult) should sign the book to verify the child has earned his or her points. That parent or adult should help total up the child’s points and write the weekly total in front of that child’s book in the Truth Trackers’ bank.

Truth Trackers' Bank

A child should bring his or her book to club so his or her points can be recorded by the club, and so the child can use the earned points in the Truth Trackers store. 


A club can have a closet or a table full of items “for sale.” They might be items from the dollar store, Oriental Trading, or donated things. The club should schedule store nights for the children to be able to purchase items.

You should put a higher point value on “better” prizes. Once a child uses his or her points to purchase an item, the “banker” should deduct those points from that child’s Truth Trackers Bank account found in the front of the Truth Journal.

Doctrine Pins or Doctrine Tags

Your club can choose from two doctrine award options for children to earn the pins or tags.

Option #1: Special Agent or Special Faith Forces

At the conclusion of each doctrine, you require children to say all the verses within that doctrine to earn the pin or tag. At the back of each child’s Truth Journal, each doctrine is listed with the corresponding questions and verses. That section in the book is called Special Agent for Scripture Spies and Special Faith Forces for Faith Force.

Option #2: Points

Your club requires children to earn a minimum number of points per doctrine to receive the pin or tag award. If you take that approach, be sure to give a lot of grace so children can easily earn the award. For instance, the doctrine “My Struggles” is 5 weeks long. Each child can earn up to 48 points a week. The total possible points for that doctrine is 240 so you might set the minimum points at 150, which would mean children would need to earn an average of 30 points per doctrine.

Scripture Spies and Faith Force Medallions

Your club can choose from two end of the year award options.

Option #1: Medallions earned out based a child finishing all 6 Special Agents or all 6 Special Faith Forces.

Option #2: Medallions earned based upon the amount of points earned the entire year. If your club chooses this option, then you need to decided and announce the minimum number of points a child needs to earn in order for them to receive a medallion. Each year, children have the potential to earn a maximum of 1,440 points per book. Therefore, most clubs choose 1000 as the minimum points needed to earn the end of the year medallion.

Scripture Spies Bags

The pins received by the Scripture Spies can be pinned onto their Scripture Spies Bag. They receive these pins for completing all their sections in a doctrine. If they are in Scripture Spies all three years, they will receive a total of 18 pins to put on their bag.

Faith Force Bible Covers

The tags received by the Faith Force can be hooked onto the key chain on their Bible Covers. They also receive these tags for completing all their sections in a doctrine. If they are in Faith Force all three years they will receive a total of 18 tags to put on their Bible Covers.