Our Values

  • Catechism-Format – Truth Trackers organizes the verses in a catechistic-format which means children are asked a life-question to which they respond with the corresponding verse-answer.
  • Scripture Memory – Truth Trackers focuses on qualitative Scripture memory through repetition, kinesthetic learning, and review, which aids in long-term retention.
  • Theologically Sound – Truth Trackers teaches basic evangelical doctrine through daily devotionals and weekly lessons.
  • Evangelistic – Truth Trackers strategically evangelizes visiting children through the Forgiven Booklet and special Friend Nights. 
  • Apologetic – Truth Trackers helps children answer life-questions with Scripture.
  • Easy Transition – Truth Trackers is easy for a church to transition to from other kids programs that utilizes a 3 part division to the night (Scripture Memory, Lesson, and Games). Truth Trackers utilizes a similar structure with the addition of daily devotionals. 
  • Integrated - Truth Trackers has children from different age levels learn the same doctrinal truths at the same time.