Other Ideas

Jesus Names Paper-Chain  

Parents use this idea to help your children reflect on who Jesus is this Christmas. You will learn 25 names of Christ--one on each day leading up to Christmas. Start on December 1. Set aside 5-10 minutes with your family each day in December to learn about a different name of Jesus.



Print out this PDF here to use as a guide. 

Your Family Time

  • Read the day's name and Bible passage.
  • Answer the four questions as a family to help you learn and apply the Scripture.
  • Have each person color a paper-chain name for that day to help your family remember what you learned.
  • After each person has colored his/her paper-chain name, then link the paper-chains together to make a memorable Christmas decoration. (To make the chain even longer have each person color his/her own paper-chain name and/or add blank ones.)

Enjoy worshiping Jesus this Christmas!