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What is a Truth Trackers Member?

A Truth Trackers Member receives can access to:

  • Discount Codes for the Journals and Lessons
  • Updated Teacher Lessons
  • Weekly Small Group Ideas
  • Graphics
  • PowerPoints
  • Training documents
  • Registration Forms
  • Print Outs 
  • Coloring Pages for Tiny Trackers 
  • Crafts for Tiny Trackers 
  • Small and Large Group Game Ideas 
  • Calendar Templates 
  • Discount Shipping

Who can be a Truth Trackers Member?

Anyone, but usually anyone purchasing materials in a church, school, or organization will purchase membership.

How much does it cost? 

Membership cost $100 per account and lasts for one year.

Purchase your membership here and within less than 24 hours your membership will be confirmed.