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Truth Trackers was developed by pastors, ministry leaders and parents who saw a need to disciple their own children with a purpose-driven philosophy, using quality materials at an affordable price. Our materials are sharp and durable yet we sell them at the most inexpensive price we possibly can. We are able to do this for two reasons:

1. Volunteers

The staff who developed this ministry and currently run it are all serving in local churches and contribute their time without compensation. Beyond the staff,  there are also literally dozens of people who have volunteered this kind of time, talent, and creativity for Truth Trackers. We are so thankful for all our volunteers! If you would like to help us or have talents and/or creative ideas you would like to offer, please contact us and let us know. We see Truth Trackers as a channel for ministry minded people to produce strategic, purposeful discipleship materials.

2. Charitable Gifts 

Truth Trackers is a 501c3 debt-free charitable organization which means we depend upon the financial support of people like you. We do not require an annual fee for churches to use our materials nor do we ask churches to give us money. Our money comes through donations and our items on our store.

We have many projects waiting to be launched but lack the funds. If you would like to support Truth Trackers, here are three areas in which you can give:

  • General Fund - You can give to our general fund. This giving allows us to keep our prices low and quality high.

  • Specific Projects - You can give to a specific project. 

  • Dream Projects - You can call us up and ask about some dream projects we would love to launch.

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