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If you are thinking seriously about switching your program, we pose some questions to ask yourself and your church. Be sure you check out this part of the website too.

Why are you switching programs?

We think you should consider Truth Trackers for many reasons. We produce quality materials. We try to keep our costs low. Our materials are simple to understand and implement. But we think the number one reason you should use Truth Trackers is this: we believe Truth Trackers can best equip your children and families to know and apply Bible doctrine. We have discovered when church members understand the Truth Trackers philosophy and methods, they are excited about the new club and whole-heartedly support it.

What is lacking in your children’s ministry right now? What do you want the Sunday/Wednesday service program to do that no other program is doing?

Look at your entire children’s ministry and write out your goals for each program you run. What do you want the Sunday school to teach and do? What is the children’s church (if you have one) teaching and accomplishing? What should the Sunday/Wednesday service program accomplish and teach? Many churches don’t know these answers, and the result is usually that every ministry tries to accomplish every task. For instance, Sunday school has a memory verse and a devotional they send home, while children’s church has a memory verse and a take home sheet. The children’s choir gives a prize for memorizing a verse. Then on Sunday/Wednesday service the children have even more verses to memorize. Probably, the teaching is random as well.

Our suggestion is that you gather all your children’s teachers and workers lay out the goals for each program. Give specific goals for each program and show those teachers and workers how they complement each other. Your proposals may look something like this:

Sunday School – This program will teach our children the content of Scripture. The materials will teach all the Bible stories and a chronology of the Bible. By the time a child leaves this program, he will learn: the books of the Bible, how to find all sixty-six books, and all the main stories of the Bible.

Sunday/Wednesday Service – This program will teach our children the core doctrines of our faith and help evangelize our community. The materials the children go through help them memorize the Word of God, do their daily devotions, and learn Biblical doctrine. By the time a child leaves this program, he will have learned: all the verses that are important to have memorized and all the doctrines that define our faith.

What do you want to accomplish in a new program?

In answer to this question, we encourage you to make sure you have a goal(s) for starting a new club. Consider your vision for this club in your church and community?

Are your workers trained and excited?

Your workers need to be ready to go by the first night of club. Make sure they understand not just WHAT to do, but WHY they are doing it. This is so important. Your workers will have many different ideas. They will probably follow the methods, but if they understand WHY these methods work, they will follow with excitement. Sometimes training isn’t so much telling people what to do, but it is showing them why you want it done a certain way.

Do your parents understand how the program works and what their responsibility is?

Truth Trackers is a family memory program. We want families to memorize the Bible together. In order to do that, you will want to teach your families the importance of learning Bible doctrine and of memorizing Scripture. If parents are NOT encouraging the children to memorize and learn doctrine, the children probably won’t care either. Admonish your parents to take responsibility for their children’s discipleship and use Truth Trackers as a tool to do that.

Do you know the cost of little league or the cost for the local pool?

“What?” you might ask. “What does this have to do with Truth Trackers?” Actually, this is a great way to explain the cost of the program to your parents. You might have parents that say $5 for a devotional book is a lot of money. But the truth is parents spend money on the things they think are important. Little League cost $175 for one summer for one child, and a pool pass is $75 per child. (Check the price in your area.) Many parents think teaching baseball and swimming are important activities for their children, so they invest money into that. If the parent thinks that discipling their children is important, they will invest their time and money. Comparing the investment of a child’s recreational abilities with the investment of a child’s spiritual abilities is a good way for your parents to see the importance of your club.