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Question: The devotional books are clear, simple and yet have purpose. However, my first thought is about overlap between the Sunday school devotions and these. What should we do about that?

Answer: We encourage churches to do the Truth Trackers devotions because they help the children understand the doctrine their verse and lesson teach. If other children’s ministries have requirements for devotions, you should think about either eliminating those devotions or making those devotions optional. We advise you to evaluate all your children’s ministries, define the purpose of each one, and then coordinate the materials and requirements of ALL your children’s ministries. Many times the leaders in each of your children’s ministries do what it best for that particular ministry. This can cause children and families to be overburdened with requirements, and it can cause the children’s ministries to be less effective.

Question: Why can’t the children memorize as many verses as they want?
Answer: The memory program for Truth Trackers is meant to be different. We focus on qualitative learning, rather than quantitative. Most children who can say 4-5 verses a night are not really retaining them anyway. The Truth Trackers goal is qualitative, long-term memorization. Also, this is a meant to be a family memory program. It helps families memorize together when everyone is working on the same doctrines and verses.

Question: Do the children learn the verse during lesson time?
Answer: No, the verses are not learned in lesson time. The children come prepared to say their verse and to present their finished devotions the night of Truth Trackers. Then, the doctrine the verses teach are reinforced in lesson time. The week's verse and devotions correspond with the lesson's topic. In other words, the lesson wraps up their week of learning about a particular topic in their devotions and memory verse.